Yesterday there was a pile of stuff, today it’s gone. Friday, Mar 30 2012 



More progress! Thursday, Mar 29 2012 


Lot clearing in progress! Yay!

DSLD is openning up a new office here. Sunday, Mar 25 2012 

DSLD is openning up a new Office here in West St. Tammany.  We are very excited, as it means they are not only healthy, but optimistic about sales and supporting the area more fully.  Word in the grapevine is that our Loan Officer  will be working out of here rather than clear in Denham Springs.  Like DSLD we are very optimistic about the area right now.  New Homes are going up fast, and the local real estate market in general seems to be very stong.

Selections appointment Friday, Mar 23 2012 

We met with Kassandra of DSLD Homes today to make our selections for la Maison Du Rustre today.  She is a bizee woman.  We have had a bunch of fun, and she gave a good look into how the sausage is made, a lot of fun.  After this we are headed out to look at the permit on our permit board.  And look at an almost complete Dupre in the front…

Beige and brown…beige and brown Friday, Mar 23 2012 


Rain rain go away Friday, Mar 23 2012 

It’s been a stormy, rainy mess the past few days. If there were any plans to start clearing the lot this week, it isn’t gonna happen now.  We have an appointment to pick our colors and upgrades tomorrow, so that’s something exciting.

Breakfast Sunday, Mar 18 2012 

The house of bumpkin will have a breakfast bar, like at the La Quinta, waffle maker, oj, aj, cereal dispenser, etc…except our guests can have a mimosa, bloody mary, or screwdriver, but not for a fee, because while erika has a license to serve alcohol in the state of Louisiana, the house of bumpkin does not.

Permit Board Friday, Mar 16 2012 


Erika apparently drove past the lot today and low and behold, what did she find?  yep you guessed it, a permit board, It won’t be long now!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a sign! A “Sold” sign (finally) Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

There it is, I can see it taking shape, right there, behind the Sign…yea right there…Maison du Rustre is right there!

I’ve become one of “Those People” Wednesday, Mar 7 2012 

I drive past the lot everyday.  I think I will totally Freak-The-Freak out when there is actual progress.  So far we have the addition of a porta-potty and the temorary electicial pole thingy.

I’m working on a post giving some backstory on how we got here, and why it took so dang long.

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