Well, actually, Erika and I started counting years ago, but then gave up, then started again, then gave up, then started again, etc…but this time, it is, as the kids used to say back when it was cool to say such things, on, in a similar fashion to donkey kong.  Or something like that.

anyway, we sent in the contract offer with addendum to the builder, who promptly counter offered, which we accepted, and now we are awaiting our chance to go pick out upgrades and color/material choices for our new home.  Erika is still so essited she just can’t stand it, and I am ready to start seeing sh!t happen, which I know it won’t for many weeks, maybe even a couple of months, but that is not the point.   One thing is that when we move in, we are going to be moving our stuff in.  Ideally we would love to start in the new house with lots of new stuff, new sectional in the living room, patio set out back, grand dining table, awesome bedrooms for everyone, new big @$$ TVs  everywhere, power tools all over the place in the garage, but the fact is we will not be that flush, to put down a down payment, pay some of the closing costs, and pay the movers.  We are not going to dive into our new-found rebuilt credit by purchasing EVERYTHING on credit and then paying that off for the nest 10 years.  we may do some of that, but we have done very well for ourselves paying cash when we can afford to buy things and valuing it that much more as a result.  Our Couch and recliners we have now.  We pained over those purchases for a long time, at least in today’s consumer driven world.  We likely could have gone and gotten other stuff from a different place, but then we would not have respected it and treated it properly, knowing what we gave up for 3 months so we could pay CA$H, and drive away with it.  Believe me I think about all the times we went without niceties everytime I plop myself down in front of my 42″ plasma in my leather like recliner and play on my xbox 360.  For anyone who cares to ask our story, I will be happy to share.  The kids, and even Erika to some degree, don’t know exactly how little cash or credit we had and how BLESSED we were to have a loving community around us to help us out of that seemingly bottomless pit.   Erika and I have resolved to teach our children about ca$h flow, credit, and managing expenses from an early age so they do not make the mistakes we made as young adults.  That is why we take them with us to purchase furniture, and cars, and the house, so they will understand why we are asking them to live without stuff so we can save and pay cash for stuff. Erika and I are basically out from under our past finally and never intend to go there again, financially speaking.

So as the House of the Bumpkin starts to take shape, we will share with you, you get to see it being built as we do the walk through, all tedium included.