you thought I would say ‘New Orleans, the call the rising sun’ didn’t you?  It’s OK just admit it to yourself, then its out there and we can move on.

There, now isn’t that better?

Well, I wasn’t in fact going to say New Orleans, but before I finish the sentence I will share some stuff, as, well, you know background material.  When we decided to build our awesome Dupre III home from DSLD we found out that there was a similar model at completion, that the owners had not yet taken possession of.  You can see a picture here. That home is in a neighborhood called Raiford Oaks.  It is in fact not far from here, so we drove by and took a look and whatnot.  But we decided that that ‘hood would be too far from the civilized world.  One of the things that is really a drag about living out here in Port Louis is the distance to everything we do…Church, schools, work, grocercy store, soccer fields, you name it, whatever the distance tack on another 15 minutes because we gotta trapse down the longest road known to gators at a snails pace just to get out of the hood or back into the hood.  Well Raiford Oaks, is specifically located in a bad location, as far as I am concerned.  It is far West St. Tammany, clear at the end of Brewster Road, 35 MPH the whole way, or if you go the other way, it is the hell and gone to get around there, and the Sunday Drivers on a random Thursday evening when you are trying to get to practice along there are more annoying than almost anything.  Plus you have to turn at a very perilous point from 1085 onto Brewster, it is like the wild west, noone knows the laws of the road, or cares that much about them either, including the po-po.  As a justification for my distain for the location, or rather more as a justification for the ‘hood we did choose, Tallow Creek, I did what any good nerd would do, I built a spreadsheet.  I figured out the distance to our regular spots and decided on a number that fairly represented our occurances to and from each general location per week, and factored in the cost of gas at $3.75/gallon.  Then I took that and I figured up driving time and plugged that into a similar another sheet int hat workbook, and pow, the numbers did add up.  Living out at Port Louis costs us about $5-10k per year, just in fuel, lost time, wear and tear on the car.  That does not include some other factors like our electric bill out here get off the chain, and the best I can do is a slow DSL line(who would have ever thought those words would be spoken maybe 10 years ago…?)

Alright so I got a little of topic there, but the point is, while we have loved living here, it is wearing us down, and unnecissarily.

Back on topic, so upon discussion with Kassandra, the woman at DSLD we have been dealing, she informed us that there is a model home, just like ours in Raiford Oaks, with the same layout that has drywall up.  So we went by yesterday to check it out…so, There is a House in Raiford Oaks, we went by to see last night.  it has the same layout as ours will and it has drywall up.  Just try singing that, it works, it does, try it.