I doubt it, from the looks of things, the builder is lining up several homesites to pour slab on at the same time.  We have the plumbing run but I don’t think electrical has been run yet.  Erika and I will swing by later this morning to check it out.  We may also swing by the new DSLD Office in Madisonville to say hi!

I spent a few minutes yesterday looking up and getting quotes for some La Maison du Rustre branded attire.  I may place some of it on Cafe Press or another promo-site, I think Zazzle or something does some of it too, but specifically I will be getting Erika a new “La Maison du Rustre” “Executive Chef” Jacket from the local Embroid Me.  takes about a week or so to be done, and I can’t wait to give her a couple for her new ‘Gourmet Kitchen’  Don’t nobody tell her though, it is a surprise.  I fully expect a ‘zut alore’ or a ‘quele suprise!’ when she see it.