We have a sodded lawn, end to end.  I gotta say it’s an aweful lot of grass.  Our lot is not in an acre sized lot subdivision or development, it’s in a regular development in Covington.  that being said, I think we might have gotten one of the largest lots in the hood, it sure feels that way looking at it with a house and all the grass on it.  So I am left with a bit of a quandry.  I have a teenage boy who I could coxe into mowing our lawn for us, but, I really like cutting the grass.  It gives me a sense of pride to have a well maintained lawn, even while renting, I really hate having a disheveled lawn.  But this is a big lot.  I am considering what type of lawn mower to get for the new place.  A Simple push mower, a riding mower, a self propelled, oh the choices are endless.  On the one hand we had a clunker of a lawn mower when I was tasked with the responsibility as a teenager, but that thing ran like a champ, chewing through downed branches, endless pecans and a dry, dead patch the sixe of Rhode Island in the back yard.  Every week it took the pounding and the dust