Homeowners! Monday, Jul 30 2012 

We closed this afternoon, all went smooth! Our realtor gifted us a bunch of flamingo themed goodies and our favorite were the pair of garden flamingos. The girl wanted them in front of her window. The Bumpkins have officially started moving in!



Approved! Friday, Jul 27 2012 

Shortly after the last post, we got the call that our loan has been approved.  We should be closing on Monday!  But for now, I have to get get ready for work!



Still waiting Friday, Jul 27 2012 

And we just can’t stand much more of this.  Monday came and went, we heard nothing.  Tuesday we were told that there were just two more updates needed so that the approval could be issued…still nothing.  Yesterday, yet another updated bank statement was needed since we have passed the original closing date.  And still nothing.  If we ever do get this approval, we will be so relieved, but then trying to figure out the actual move will be another whole level of stress.  We had everything planned out to spend this past entire week moving, next week is crazy busy for both of us at work.  I just wish we would hear something before going into the weekend.

Not homeowners…yet. Friday, Jul 20 2012 

Although we were told 2 weeks ago we cleared underwriting, that was just not the case, apparently . A few more things needed to be dissected more and we are now in limbo. We will hopefully know for sure on Monday if underwriting will give us the green light or if we have to pursue other options. This has been a stressful week, but we are trying to take it in stride. Since I took the weekend off because we were set to move, it’s given us some time to finish packing and relax a bit.

Overwhelmed! Monday, Jul 16 2012 

So much still up in the air.  We are waiting to know what time we will be closing Friday, waiting to schedule our final walk through (Super Steve is awesome, btw) and waiting for various services to call us back about estimates and/or setting up services.  It’s all part of the process, but it’s driving me crazy just the same.  We’ve finally got some packing done, but there is still a lot to do.  If I had the vacation time to take, I would have taken this week and next week off.  But I don’t, and it’s really becoming a pain.

Friday can’t get here soon enough!




In the home stretch! Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

We have our home inspection scheduled for tomorrow and final walk through with DSLD on Friday.  There is a rep from a moving company coming Friday to give an estimate on moving costs. Hopefully it is resonable and we can move ahead and get us on the books.  We are getting utilities set up and hopefully get some packing done today.  This is really happening!

Two weeks! Friday, Jul 6 2012 

When we wrote the purchase agreement, July 20th was the scheduled date of closing. We are still on track, some loose ends are being tied up, but all looks good.  There have been a few bumps to deal with from underwriting, but those issues are being cleared up.  Bill has scheduled an inspection for next Friday, but can’t get moving companies to call us back.  Maybe this is how it works?  Nothing happens until the last minute then, BAM!  Nothing but a flurry of activity. I. Can’t. Wait.

Less than 3 weeks to go Sunday, Jul 1 2012 

The house will be ready in less than 3 weeks.  Poor Erika is really on pins and needles…this really needs to happen soon! I guess I need to contact the local EmbroidMe shop in Mandeville and order the official ‘la Maison du Rustre’ chefs jackets soon. 

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