Well we closed Monday afternoon, after much trial and tribulation, we finally got to and past the closing table.  The actual closing was smooth as can be, and quick, and easy, and far less painful than we had been prepared for.  My wrists did not hurt, I signed and initialled a sh!t ton of papers, but it was worth it!.

Now the fun really began, I had contact U-Haul about a pickup truck, to which I was told yes, I could have one, if only I reserved right away, blah blah blah…then the local office told me, when they called to confirm the reservation that all they had available was a cargo van…ARGH!!!

Fortunatly, the vast Roussel/Gautreax (sp?) network leaped into action and in short order 2 strong young adults of questionable morals and strong backs were located to assist in the move.  Actually, both young men were VERY NICE and EAGER to earn a few dollars extra, and were far more professional than most of the people I encountered otherwise on Tuesday.  But I digress.  BTW, I would strongly recommend either of both of these guys to anyone looking for a strong back to help move.

So the move, considering the closing date had changed and was in limbo for quite a period, etc, went thorugh.  We got all the larger furniture, TV’s, Most of the Kitchen and bedrooms moved, but there is still so much stuff over there that Erika and I may spend the remainder of August just cleaning out the old condo, rather than living in our new home.  So much left to do.

Pile onto that both Charter and AT&T claim they are unable to provide Internet Services to our address.  I take Solice, if only a small amount of it in the fact that they have told the same to all the other new homes in our hood.  Nevermind the fact that we live direcly next door to a house that has been there about 5 years, and is bound to be serviced by one or the other of the 2.  What gives that Charter came out and ran cable all over the neighborhood, but just decided not to lay cable in these lots.  I mean seriously, it probably cost them more to not run the cables when they had the chance than it would have cost to just run a couple hundred feet more of cable and infrastructure.  So now we all have to wait for a ‘Cost assessment’ which freely translates to we may or may not ever get any kind of internet service in our new house.  WTF!?!?!  Seriously?  They have a screw loose, both of them.  ARGH!!!!!!

all that said, WE LOVE la MAISON du RUSTRE!!!  It is our home.  Over the next few months/years we get to customize it some more: replace the funky hodge podge of furniture we have accumulated with new stuff of our own, add whole home audio, install a pool, or not, have parties, see our kids off into the world, and generally have a home.  It is about time!