What a short weekend. Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Erika and the kids took a day trip to Baton Rouge on Saturday.  They spent the day at eating well and shopping.  Meanwhile Bill spent Friday and Saturday hanging with some work buddies in Houston doing whatever it is geeks do. Today has been non stop. The whole weekend has come down to this…Erika and Bill sitting on the back porch at sunset with some adult beverages and Tiki torches lit.
Life does not get any better.  If yours is, please share some of the details.
We will be hosting a housewarming party in early October, if you want an invite then direct message erika or bill.


So dang busy Friday, Sep 7 2012 

We made it through Isaac.  We are so fortunate that we didn’t have any problems, we didn’t even lose power.  The place we just moved from was not so lucky, a berm was over topped and cause much flooding and damage.  All my friends that live there are ok, but there’s a lot of work and clean-up ahead for them.

School is back in and we are faily well settled in at the new house.  In fact, My sister and law and I have started planning the various events and parties we plan on throwing.  We’ve picked a date for our official Housewarming Party/Break in the new house party!

We still love our house and can’t wait to get out and meet as many neighbors as we can!




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