So Erika and I are trying to finalize our Honeymoon plans, 15 years on from our wedding.  Better late than never.  We are planning to go to London, and my only request is to see the home of The Arsenal.


Of course there are other requests, but we gotta get here 🙂

as for the rest of the trip, the when, the how, etc, that’s still up in the air at this point.

I am already ready to go, just need to work out the finances and the plans, etc.

One last point, we have not decided what to do with the kids.  Choices are a) send them to Pacific Northwest to stay with my parents, b) have my parental units come to Maison Du Rustre c) take them along with us d) send one kid one place the other another, e) bring one with us, and the other somewhere altogether different…so yeah…there is that to deal with too 🙂