it’s 8:00 and the kids have put themselves to bed. Turned off the TV, turned off the lights in the living room, and went, each to their own room. Every once in a while the routine we’ve worked into them kicks in, and they do this, and it is soooooooo nice.
I am not watching the BCS National Championchip (sp?). I just can’t bring myself to cheer for either of them. Quite frankly, I would be happiest if both teams could move the ball freely between the 35 yard lines, and niether teams kickers could actually hit the broad side of a barn. An entire game of lock down defense and bumbling idiots right at the 35 yard line.
Anyway, Erika and I are planning our Honeymoon. It’s looking more and more like a summertime trip rather than a Spring Trip at this point. There is still a chance we can pull it off, but we have so much happening this spring already. Taking hte trip would be easy, it’s everything that has to happen before then that will make it impossible, I think.
We still haven’t had anymore land fowl since the gaggle of wild turkeys wandered through a couple of weeks ago. The dogs go racing out the back door everyday and spend far too much time sniffing around and ‘hunting’. These 2 dogs whould not know what to do if they got a hold of a land fowl. Heck they would probably chase up to them, then Max would lay down, roll over and cower if anything so much as looked at him funny.
So it’s after 8 on a monday eveing, and as soon as the reports are uploaded and tested, I am going to bed. As for Erika, I don’t know. Maybe she’ll post something later.