Erika really knocked this first little project out of the park.  I knew she had it in her, yet she still had to get it done, and she did.  We spent a fair amount of time last night contemplating our next projects.  Erika still has to make some storage bins for the shelf.  And decorate the thing with a lamp and some other trinkety type things. 

So what is next?  We have not really decided.  There is so much to do.  We are working our way up to some far more complex projects like a Loft Bed for the girl child, which we have grand designs for, and maybe tackling a fence for the back yard, and maybe an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining room.  All in all alot of huge projects in the works, but before that we have to clean up the Study, the ‘Mud Room’ and the Garage.  In case you missed it in one of the pics, our Garage is a) a mess and b) seriously lacking workbenches and storage and whatnot for us to do our projects.  So, I think my plan for this week/end is to clean up the Garage and the Study.