This weekend is going to be another full one.  In no particular order
1. The lawn needs cut.
2. The garage needs cleared.
3. The study needs cleaned.
4. The front yard needs some landscaping.
5. We need to build some bins for the pantry, and our new console in the dining room.
6. We need to clean the house.
7. We need to clear the backyard.
8. We need to get some pavers for the backyard.
9. We need to get a cover for the Grill.
10. Wash the dawgs.
11. Check into auger/post hole digger rental for installing fence posts.

Oh there’s more, but for now I hope to get all of that done. Luckily there’s no Arsenal Match until Sunday morning, so I should have much of this list done and dusted before then. I will have Erika around to help me and to document some of the projects: the yard, the study, the bins, maybe even the Pavers.
Speaking of the Pavers, I am foregoing my master plan for the backyard for now, and simply laying some pavers out atop some of the grass for now…I may get ambitious and clear some of the grass and lay some leveling sand, we’ll see. Our master plan for the back yard involves an outdoor kitchen and dining room aside from the patio that will be the outdoor living room. We are so blessed to live where we can enjoy the outside for most all of the year; heck, I am cutting the grass on March 1st, probably should have on February 1st.
Outdoor kitchen will have the built in Grill, counter space for stuff, cabinets and shelving for keeping stuff, a cooler to keep stuff cool in, a bar to sit at with stools, a pergola over the whole thing. The Outdoor Dining Room will similarly have a pergola over head, a table and chairs and benches, and landscaping to tie all of it together.
For now, tread water and keep it all in check. We’ll work towards all of that stuff, until then, knock off one thing from the list and move on to the next.
Check back for updates. Erika slept well last night so maybe she’ll get a jump on the list today 😉