A couple of weeks have passed, and little progress made, or so it would seem on the surface. Especially if one’s only view is through this blog. Truth is, we have been stacked! Kids are wrapping up 10 days off school today, headed back for the sprint to summer bright and early Tuesday.

We took the opportunity on Friday for an impromptu trip to the City on Good Friday. We had a great time, saw all sorts of things. We apparently were not the only ones, as the entire city seemed packed with people. New Orleans is such a vibrant city. While walking through the French Quarter we saw lots of different people. Different Religions, Different Nationalities, Different Orientations, Different Socio-Economic states. Kate saw lots of pan handlers, beggars, gutter punks and what not. We spent a fair amount of time Friday night having conversations about what she had seen. As a parent, it was a trying time. The Dichotomy of wanting to have this discussion with a growing child wrested with the desire to protect her from the ways of the world. I can’t say it was painful, but it was difficult.

Erika and I are blessed that we have 2, mature beyond their years, children. We are also blessed that we have the security of wonderful home to retreat to. The lesson, beautifully wrapped up at 11:55pm Friday night. God loves us as humans. God loves all humans. God’s love is unconditional. God may not like us, individually or corporately, sometimes. But God loves us ALWAYS. Likewise, Erika and I love our children. Nothing can change that. Kate and Ian may do or say things that we may not like, but we will always love them. Further, other people may do or say things we do not like, but we love them as people. We may not be able to provide help for everyone and God does not expect us to. That does not mean God will not love us, or that God does not love them. Sometimes the things we think will help, may in fact hurt other people in the long run.

Kate is a smart girl. She, like all of us is hurt seeing others in need. She like all of us wants to help. Her heart hurts for those who need help. She is learning that our choices, everyday have consequences. Sometimes they are positive, sometimes they are negative. Some choices lead to a healthy life, other choices lead to addiction, homelessness, hunger. Some choices we have control over, while other choices we have little control over. The best we can do is make wise choices when we can. When we do not make the wisest choices, we need to recognize it and learn from those poor choices.

Our love for our children is unwavering, it is unconditional. God’s love for his children is unwavering, it is unconditional.