Project update Monday, Feb 25 2013 

Last night I got our new console/sideboard table all primed…


And then this morning I started on the painting. We chose a color that isn’t black or brown, rather a blackish brownish color. It’s Valspsar “fired earth” in eggshell.


After two coats, it’s done! Mostly. I’ll be going back to make some crates/bins for it tomorrow. We are so proud of our first Power Tool Project!




Project in progress Sunday, Feb 24 2013 

Mr. Bumpkin has new power tools, so we started building some items to get ourselves acquainted with said tools. We built this console/sideboard this morning and will paint it later today and tomorrow.


I love me a good checklist. Wednesday, Nov 14 2012 

I’m a list maker.  I don’t always accomplish everything on a list, and I’ve been known to “alter” a list a time or two.  You know, to make sure I feel all accomplished.  Like you’ve never done such a thing!  Ha!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I work in retail, so any home inprovement projects will have to be quick, easy to do projects.  Which is pretty much how things have been going since we moved in.  The last post showed us installing some blinds. Here is a list of what we wanna do:

  • Finish installing blinds in remaining rooms, maybe the garage as well.
  • Making no-sew roman blinds for the front and back doors.  Also need to figure out how to install them, I don’t want to drill anything into the doors.
  • Install shelving in laundry room above the appliances.
  • pull out all our prints/poster/pictures we have collected over the years and search out frames to make our gallery wall in the study.

There is an ever-growing list of things we want to purchase for the house, but it’s all stuff we want, not so much need.  Okay, well, we do “need” a new big comfy sofa.

The above list is what i would like to accomplish before the year is over.  We’ll keep you in the loop and maybe remember to document the processes as they are completed.



Hey there! We are still around! Sunday, Oct 28 2012 

We put up temporary paper shades when we moved in, knowing they may be up there a few months. We decided to wait until we had the cash for blinds…this is how we agreed to take on our projects. No extra debt if we can help it. We have a list of things we need/want for the house and are slowly checking them off.

We first bought a much-needed new mattress (upgraded to a king size, Holla!).

And then we bought the bed for the new mattress (Awesome!).

Today we bought blinds for the girls room and the study, since they both face the front of the house. When we first moved in, we were going to wait until we could afford to do the whole house at once and have them professionally installed. Home Depot seemed like the best place, price was good and their off the shelf sizes were what we needed.

Well, plans change, of course. We did indeed purchase blinds from home Depot, but just for the 2 rooms to start with. We will tackle the rest as we can. Another thing we changed from our initial thoughts, we decided to go with 2 1/2 in. faux wood blinds in espresso, instead of the more common white.

We’ve never installed blinds before, and the first window was QUITE the learning experience. The second window took all of 20 minutes. Key piece of info for you: Have a powerful drill. The small 1-speed drill was no match for the metal flashing lurking behind the drywall. Bill had to go buy a bigger, better drill. So that was an unexpected/unplanned for expense.

It was easier than we thought, and we hope to have the rest of the windows done within the next few weeks.

As always, here are some pictures…





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