Project update Monday, Feb 25 2013 

Last night I got our new console/sideboard table all primed…


And then this morning I started on the painting. We chose a color that isn’t black or brown, rather a blackish brownish color. It’s Valspsar “fired earth” in eggshell.


After two coats, it’s done! Mostly. I’ll be going back to make some crates/bins for it tomorrow. We are so proud of our first Power Tool Project!




Project in progress Sunday, Feb 24 2013 

Mr. Bumpkin has new power tools, so we started building some items to get ourselves acquainted with said tools. We built this console/sideboard this morning and will paint it later today and tomorrow.


Curtains! Friday, Feb 1 2013 

We made a trip to the Houston IKEA last weekend and among the things we bought were curtains. Still tons of things to do, but the rooms feel so comfy with the curtains up.



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